What is your opinion of this photograph?

When looking at a photograph, especially an old one, have you ever had the feeling it was trying to tell you something?

This is a photograph of my grandmother (who died before I was born) taken in London, 1906 when she was nineteen years old.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying it and trying to decide what kind of woman she was. So what do her features say about her?

She has a strong chin which is supposed to indicate strength of character. Yet she seems wistful, almost sad. I feel she has the look of someone yearning to know what her future holds; a burning desire to hope her future will be better than her present.

With little know about her, I felt it was up to me to create a fictional account of her life. So I went ahead and wrote “The Chartreuse Dress”.

3 thoughts on “Photograph

  1. Like “The Mona Lisa” your grandmother has an enigmatic expression. I love the way you have made use of that expression and created an alternative life for her. If “a picture is worth a thousand words “ I am sure she would have felt honoured for her portrait to have inspired those “thousand words” and more!

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